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Back from vacation!

The nice thing about vacations when you have a garden is you get the wonderful treat of seeing how your garden did in your absence. 
All in all I'm pretty happy with our progress.  Something ate every single little leaf off our parsley so that bit the dust.  I'm betting it was a neighborhood squirrel. 
Our lemon balm obviously didn't like the heat as a good portion of it died but it is still alive so I'm giving it loads of TLC to bring it back.  Almost same story for the Oregano however I think that one was more due to lack of water. 
Our hanging plants in the coconut husks fared the worst.  One pot had completely died out.  That I think was due to a fungal disease in the soil of the unknown blue creeping plant. The other was slowly petering out as well so I tossed that one in the trash. 
I never EVER put the remains of a plant killed by any sort of disease or fungus in our compost so they literally went in the trash.  Since we'll be using the compost later we …