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An unusual sort of life for us

Wow, the past few days have been...odd, filled with things we never get much time or money to do.
We arrived here to Washington DC, in the Falls Church, Tysons Corner side on Friday and since then we've been sightseeing, people watching, watching movies, museum visiting and shopping.
Well actually, sightseeing is not new to us at all but over the past several years shopping, the kind of senseless, walking around the mall type of shopping and buying whatever tickles our fancy kind of shopping has been more or less non existent. Our son has been in heaven as the three of us walk miles upon miles each day visiting malls and museums.  We even brought him to see Enders Game which he said afterwards was worth "two thumbs up".  As a parent of an almost 8 year old, I have to say, the movie was great.  
I can't wait till I can get my son to read the books!  
Today we took a break from eating boring leftovers, eating boring sandwiches and eating whatever we have left from when …

Moving Day is here

Wow, it's finally here. Moving Day.
The employees (three of them!) have been busy packing things up since about 2 hours ago.  The sound of paper tearing, packing tape and music from the packers IPODS fills the air.  It even smells like packing tape in here.  Already my hands are drying out from even thinking about unpacking all this stuff later on.  Edward asked me at one point this morning "when are you going to ever use this parrafin wax thingy for your hands?"
In about a months time I will.  Today there is not as much hard, back breaking, nail breaking, hand cracking work.  In a month from now things will get crazy.  So, after about tomorrow, for the next three weeks I get, somewhat, a life of leisure with just a bit of heavy driving and entertaining an almost 8 year old as he repeats for about the 30th time "are we there yet?"
Fun times are a comin'