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Memories from the garden

You know, I was talking to my husband about this recently. When I was a child we always used to plant things when Dad was home from the ship. Not much. A rather simple summer garden in Southern Maryland. It was always when he was home though, never when he was out to sea.
The garden we did have when he was gone consisted of the most lovely Peonies. I remember Mom didn't really like having the air conditioning on a whole lot as it was so expensive so early summer mornings I would get to smell those first thing. That wonderful honey smell drifting through the house.
I remember Mom had bright Pink and a reddish Magenta one. I think there was one more but I cannot recall.
When Dad wasn't around and Mom was at work my brother and I went to our next door neighbor (actually across the street) as our babysitter lived over there. She brought us over there quite often as we were very content with helping her pick tomatoes, green beans, corn all with the cicadas serenading us. That gard…