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Patience is the key

Once again, we are rebuilding, starting from scratch.  A new yard, new plans, this time more permanent than the last time in Aberdeen, Maryland. Originally, as we moved back into our home in Fairbanks, Alaska we had plans, great plans, for a garden of permanent raised beds, for chickens and honey bees.  Then it was just the honey bees.  Then it was just the chickens.  We’re still certain about the raised beds.  Now we have decided however that what is needed more is patience.  Saadi, a Persian poet from the medieval period once said “Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy”.  I think that applies here. Fairbanks growing season is extremely short.  Our last Frost free date here is approximately May the 25th.  Our first usual frost is approximately August the 30th.  That gives us a little more than 100 days total to get our raised beds built, filled with soil, compost and vegetables and fruits and try to see if something will grow.  We learned after our first …