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Wash Day

Recently I received a box of Woolzies Dryer Balls to try out and I decided the perfect time to give them a shot was on the loads and loads of laundry that comes back with us when we go camping. Now first keep in mind. I do not use store bought laundry detergent.  Some while back we switched to homemade for several reasons.  If you are interested in reading more about that follow this link. So please keep in mind, your results might be different than mine.  
Some of the claims about Woolzies dryer balls are: Softens naturally Reduces drying time by 25% Reduces Static Helps eliminate wrinkles
Now I have to say, I have a old year 2000 Kenmore dryer that takes a long time to dry clothes. It usually takes at least two full cycles, 60 minutes each to dry our clothes, 120 minutes total. Using the six Woolzies, drying time has reduced down to about 90 minutes or so.  Right now that doesn’t hit us as hard simply because we are living in military quarters so we do not pay for our electricit…

Updates from the garden SQUIRREL ATTACK!

Where do I begin? Well, a good place to start is at the beginning I guess.

Yes, I've been away.  With our move coming closer and closer we've been absorbed in other pursuits, namely preparing ourselves, our household for our final move as my husband retires from the US Army. I've been jokingly saying to my husband that this years garden is the "Do whatever you want" garden.  Because really, this year we planted seedlings haphazardly here and there with no clue what it was that we were planting. 

We threw down seeds and then a month later tried to figure out what in the world we planted there.
We know by the leaves that the vine growing near the tomatoes was obviously a cucumber but which one did we plant again?
We know that we planted multiple winter squash but which ones did we choose again?  We know that we have multiple tomatoes but which one is which again? Oh and obviously some of our eggplant seedlings did actually survive because "look at …