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A few new developments

A weekend not spent camping usually means a productive day or two in the garden.  This weekend we didn't go camping so we managed to tidy up a bit, pull weeds, move some of our squash and cucumber vines around and work in our compost bins a bit.
To those who are new to reading here, we do both traditional compost and Vermicompost. 
Traditional composting is more or less just moving your kitchen scraps into a large vessel of some sort (we used a recycled cheap plastic trash can with a lid that has holes drilled in through the sides).  Allow the scraps to slowly decompose and within three to six months you have new fertile soil, ready to feed your plants.

Vermicomposting is composting but with the help of worms.  We use Red Wigglers because they are more tolerant of warmer temperatures.  During the winter months they will survive, eat, and reproduce but very slowly.  During the summer months as the temperatures rise the worms’ production rises.  I noticed yesterday that the very ha…

Time for a bit of a catch up

Wow.  It's been such a long time.  We've had so much going on and we've been so busy that it's been hard for me to actually sit down and WRITE!
In April we got our pop up camper, something we've wanted for about 10 years.  So that has been keeping us super busy as we've been camping with our pop up now almost every weekend.  Thankfully, however, we're taking a break for this weekend to get some much needed things done around the house. 
I must say one thing.  I actually miss writing here because, while you, dear reader, might find it entertaining and educational to read about how things are going in our garden, I miss seeing and reading what we did in the past! It's nice to read and relive my failures and successes.
I miss reading back about what we did, what lessons we learned and how the garden grew over the past weeks and months. 
Okay, so here I go. Back at it again!
This first photo was taken on the 5th of July. 

At this point we were starting …