Week uhhh whatever on Vermicomposting

I've lost track of what week I'm on now with my little pets, the worms.  Still though, every week I lovingly feed them all the scraps from the kitchen.  Worrying over whether they will like the cherries better than the cucumber peels or the rotten peaches over the bell pepper parts.  They honestly don't really give me much feedback since they tend to eat it all.
One of these days I'll start actually weighing how much I'm putting in there so I can see exactly how much they're chomping down.  All I know is I put about two to three large bowls of mixed waste and about two weeks later it's completely eaten.  All that's left is mushy mud, paper bag mulch and a bunch of worms on the top that are begging me for more food.  We've already harvested loads of worm tea and so far the plants seem to like it.  The plants are most definitely growing BIGGER this year.  Heck, last year they never got this big, but then of course we didn't prepare our soil like we did this year.  Still though I like to think that my little friends get some of credit.
This most recent time I put greens on one side and spoiled fruits on the other.  Now I'm going to watch and see which side gets decomposed/eaten first.  I'll be interesting to see.  I put all these scraps in this past weekend.  I figure I'll check again on Friday.
I'm even more curious to see exactly how many worms we now have but that will have to wait till Autumn when the temps start dropping.  Now that'll be interesting.  Since these are red wigglers they prefer warmer temps.  Come Winter time I might have two options to keep this worm colony alive.  Either
       A) Bring them inside and hope that the fruit fly/miscellaneous pest infestation isn't too bad
       B) Leave them outside in our cold frame/hoop house and try to heat the bin somewhat.

Don't know.  I figure I have a few more months to figure out what I'll do.

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