An unusual sort of life for us

Wow, the past few days have been...odd, filled with things we never get much time or money to do.
We arrived here to Washington DC, in the Falls Church, Tysons Corner side on Friday and since then we've been sightseeing, people watching, watching movies, museum visiting and shopping.
Well actually, sightseeing is not new to us at all but over the past several years shopping, the kind of senseless, walking around the mall type of shopping and buying whatever tickles our fancy kind of shopping has been more or less non existent. Our son has been in heaven as the three of us walk miles upon miles each day visiting malls and museums.  We even brought him to see Enders Game which he said afterwards was worth "two thumbs up".  As a parent of an almost 8 year old, I have to say, the movie was great.  
I can't wait till I can get my son to read the books!  
Today we took a break from eating boring leftovers, eating boring sandwiches and eating whatever we have left from when we moved out of our house and actually ate out!  The three of us love sushi and there was sushi restaurant right in the middle of the Tysons Corner mall called Wasabi.  Since part of my mission here as my sons Mom is to expose him to as much as I can to the big city, I figured this would be something that would stick in his memories for years to come. 

 This here, is a temporary break for us, thankfully, or we'd go broke in a week.  While I've thoroughly enjoyed this somewhat frivolous and relaxed way of life I'm grateful that we are preparing to move on.  Tomorrow our life starts to move forward at a startling speed.  Within a week from now we will be approaching the Midwestern USA.  Two weeks from now, we'll be on the West Coast, just finishing our visit to Disneyland and California Adventure Park.
We will be preparing for the long drive up the California, Oregon and Washington state coast where we then catch the ferry that will take us on a two day long journey up the Alaska inside passage.  I highly recommend watching my personal Facebook page and Gardening Facebook page during that time as the photos from that area are stunning!
North to the Future we go.

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