Mail day!

Too exciting!  Today we got the rest of our seeds for our Autumn garden. I received the following seeds from Peaceful Valley & Garden Supply.  Organic Kohlrabi, Spring Salad Mix for our sprout tray, Organic Bean Adzuki Sprouting beans also for the sprout tray, Organic Mung Bean sprouts also for our sprout tray.  I still need to get another sprouting tray.  Ours has lost a lot of the little siphons on the bottom of each tray.
I also FINALLY managed to find some dandelion greens. These have been extremely hard to find! I've been scouring several sites and kept turning up empty!
Talk about super yummy and SUPER healthy!  Saute some fresh dandelion greens with a bit of garlic in olive oil and you have a delicious side dish!  Just a note, I do NOT suggest picking dandelion greens in your local neighborhood unless you know for certain that no animals have been defecating or urinating on those as well as no pesticides or herbicides have been applied.   EWWWWW
I also managed to get some Organic Mustard Green seeds.. 1/4 pound worth.  Oops.  That's enough to grow a medium sized field of greens.  
Now I'm the lover in this household of bitter greens.  I love the bite, hence the reason why I love Rapini (also called Broccoli Raab.  If you haven't tried this you really should.  Super yummy!)
The best way to cook this is too simple.

Sauteed Garlic Broccoli Raab(Rapini)
Mince 1 tbsp garlic
Saute in about 2 tbsp olive oil for about 1 to 2 minutes.
Add rinsed rapini into pan.  Allow to wilt slightly.
Add a few lemon wedges to pan.  Cook for another 1 to 2 minutes.
Do not over cook this.  It is naturally bitter so if you cook it for too long it'll turn unbearably bitter.

I do apologize for the simplicity in most of my recipes that are solely mine.  When I cook I do everything by hand/sight/feel. I really do not use "measurements". I simply taste as I go along, add salt or pepper and figure out EXACTLY how I like it.
I tend to use only sea salt for fresh cooking; good quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar and fresh cracked black pepper.  All the other ingredients I LOVE to use fresh but if I can't, well then I end up using Mccormick. Not the best spice but THEY do have reusable containers!

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