To Bee or not to Bee, that is the question

Lately I've been thinking more and more that it would be great to have honey bees in the backyard.
Two reasons actually. First and foremost is the honey production.  Next reason however is because they're great pollinators.
Now here's the big issue.  I live on a military post.  They govern what I can and cannot do in my yard and house.  So today I approached them with the question.  Can I have a honey bee hive in my backyard.
I told them, "Look, I already have wasps a plenty.  I don't want them.  I want honeybees.  They can only benefit the neighborhood as they go from plant to plant pollinating.  They don't tend to sting quickly unless provoked.  Wasps are worse then they are.  And last I have a large garden in my backyard.  Its a garden that's an inspiration to other neighbors. It's a great hang out spot.  People love it".  Oops.  Why did I have to go into so much DETAIL?  I sure hope I didn't just get myself caught.  Originally they told me that I could have some plants in my backyard, a small garden.  I don't think what I have going on is a "small garden".  Of course I don't have the things that I would really love.  Chickens, goats.  But honeybees would make me pretty happy.

The thing that really hurts though is that while our garden is therapeutic for us, its proven to be inspiring to our neighbors who like to come over to see what's up in our yard.
This shocks me.  I never planned our backyard to be an "inspiration" and yet I have visitors from many of the houses nearby that shyly knock on our gate while we're back there and ask to come in and donate shredded newspaper to serve as mulch, how our hummingbirds are, how our Blue Hubbard is producing, how the cucumbers are doing or even more amusing, how our worms are doing(and are we selling any anytime soon to any would be anglers).

I hope that my asking the housing office here if I can keep honeybees didn't just paint a big red and white target right on my back and backyard.

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