My Clever Way of Storing Seeds

Gardeners all have their own particular way of storing seeds.  Our tried and true methods to keep our seeds dry, safe, cool, and most of all, viable.
For me, approximately five years ago, give or take, that meant storing them in their original envelopes in a tupperware container and hoped that they wouldn't get wet.  Many times I would get frustrated each year when I would try to start some seeds and I would have no success with germination.  Little did I know I needed to keep my seeds in a little better conditions than what I was doing.
I sometimes did start a plant from seed but I would always succumb to running by the nursery, the local Home Depot or Lowes and get $20 worth of plants.
Once I started growing more unusual varieties though, this could not work.  Most nurseries and greenhouses along with the big box stores simply do not carry varieties like Black Cherry Tomatoes, Delicata or Rouge vif d'etampes Squash.  I don't think I've ever seen any local store carry Bhut Jolokia pepper plants, Italian Traviata Eggplants or even Dragons Egg Cucumbers.
So I began to truly see the value in saving my seeds from year to year, keeping my seeds safe when not needed and when I do need them, keeping them in a container that they would stay dry and organized.
Just remember, not only does one need a container for when not in use but when it is time to pull them out of storage you don't want your seeds rolling all over the place.

So here is what I came up with.

I really like this idea a lot.  Each one of these will hold 24 containers.  First I have numbered each and every little screw on top on each container. 1 through 24. Next I set up an excel spreadsheet that I have numbered, again, 1 through 24.  This has a legend where I have listed what number 1 is, what number 2 is, what number 3 is, and so on and so on.

The really excellent thing about this system is first, if we're bringing it outside to do some direct sowing, if the entire container flips over, no worries.  The seeds are not going anywhere as long as we have the tops screwed on.  We had one box (actually we still have it) that the entire box got flipped off a table and seeds flew everywhere!
Be careful with a box such as this.  It just flips open easily and seeds will go everywhere.   If  you have seeds that look similar you'll be in a world of hurt later on.  
We always make sure to screw each top on right after taking the desired seeds out so no stress there.
Next, this has actually been left outside before. In the rain.
Bad condition for seeds to be left in and yet, when we realized our mistake we ran outside and and lo and behold.  The seeds were still dry.
I have not tried actually submerging this thing simply because usually now a days, as soon as we get another container, seeds go into it almost immediately. In fact with that said, I will be running here shortly to yet again purchase one more of these useful little items.
Now, one might also think with my mention of needing to purchase one more of these things that they don't hold up for very long but actually our first one is from two years earlier and it's still doing great.  Its a bit scratched, pretty filthy on the outside but still works.  We now have three of these containers and we'll be adding another one shortly as I've added a bit more seeds. (strawberry spinach, red heirloom quinoa, egg yolk heirloom tomatoes, borage, to name a few)
Another positive to this system is simply, when you run out of a certain seed you then just update your list, whether by scratching out the name of one, adding the name of another and then maybe going back to Excel to update again and reprint for appearances sake.  a
I do that about twice a year now a days simply because we really do not go through that many seeds.

So as you can see. Easy.
Now another person might have another way of organizing their own seeds and I'm not knocking their way in the least.  Just felt I should show mine.
Comments? Questions? Feel free to ask.

And with that said, I really have to head downstairs.  My husband is roasting green coffee beans outside and the smell is wafting up to the open window here in the study.  Smells like heaven.  Gotta get me some of that.

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