Dehydrating and powdering Sweet Potatoes~ Careful! these babies are sharp!

My most recent item to dehydrate is a sweet potato we received as part of our CSA share from Brads Produce.  This, I actually did not research ahead of time like I typically do simply because I was in a hurry to "git'r done" so I am writing about it to simply remind myself later "uhh how did I do this one?".
First, I baked it along with some other items in the oven just until it was starting to get soft. I like to wrap my sweet potatoes in tinfoil because they make a horrible mess in the oven otherwise.
Next, I sliced them up and placed them in our 5 tray Excalibur dehydrator for about a day and a half.
I checked several times to see if they were "crunchy" yet.  Each time, even today these remain pliable and soft with crunchy parts around the edges.  Hhhmm, frustrating.
A friend had remarked how this can be difficult to dehydrate these.  I can see why.
Okay, so today I did a test .  I tried cutting up the now mostly dehydrated sweet potato pieces and then tried grinding them in my Family Grain Mill. No good.  What came out when something did come out was gooey parts.  Since I value my grain mill too much I threw in the towel and resigned myself to having "sweet potato chunks" rather than "sweet potato flakes".
I figure later I can rehydrate with some water and then mix with my immersion blender to make the mixture all smooth. Then add a bit of butter and maybe some nutmeg and "voila!" mashed sweet potatoes for dinner.
Now the only negative to all of this?  My hands are seriously cut up from this experiment.  Please, if you try to do what I did and break up or cut up your sweet potato, do it in the beginning. Maybe make small slices rather than big slices like what I did.  Or make a sweet potato puree and then dehydrate.  Whatever you do, don't try to cut it up or grind it. It seems there is too much sugar in sweet potatoes for this to work.
I have one massive cut on my pointer finger here, another on my ring finger, and then one on my pointer finger on my right hand. OUCH!

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