Potatoes planted, backyard beds now complete and other updates

Today we planned to run to the gym since we haven't been there in decades however after breakfast we began talking about all that needed to be done with the yard, then we got caught up planting, cleaning up, etc so we never actually made it to the gym.
Good news is that we got loads done!!!  Early this morning we took some advice from Ray at Youtube.
Well that then led to our desire to work a bit outdoors to clean up after the lovely storm we had yesterday.  Let me just say, I never, ever want to work out there again in flip flops in the cold, wet mud.  My feet were FROZEN!
After an hours worth of work we decided to head on out to Walmart in search of chicken wire for our potatoes(see further down for instructions on that!  A new modified way to grow potatoes, much like a potato condo!)
Walmart didn't exactly have everything we needed however my husband treated me to a brand new set of rubber galoshes!  Let me just say working out there in the mud does NOT faze me now!  No more wet, cold feet.  No more mud all over my feet later on!  Love it! I also found in their garden department Purple Kohlrabi.  Now my Dad has previously told me he used to have this as a child so I couldn't help but pick one little plant to come home with us, under the guise of growing it for my Dad.
So next Home Depot.  Got the fencing there.  It's actually not chicken wire.  It's called "YardGuard"
Here's the link to HomeDepot giving a more in depth description.
This was perfect for our modest budget so that along with some mulch that was on sale, 2 for 1 came home with us.  Upon arriving back home we got to some serious work that lasted about 2 hours.  Extra topsoil and compost has been laid in all the other beds, mulch is now in between each row, and potatoes are planted.  I even took out our old rectangle planters that I plan to use to plant my massive amount of herbs that I grow each year.
Now it will be a while longer before we actually plant a good portion of our seedlings but it feels really good that a lot of the hard work of preparing the garden is now done.  Now to see if I can keep my seedlings happy until we move them outdoors!

So, next our potato bed.  I actually got this idea from another Youtube gardener!  Hubby and I were really getting tired of taking apart old pallets and then putting them all back together again so this seemed the perfect answer for us.
All you simply do is take chicken wire, gardening fencing or some other fence type of equipment, roll it into a circle and then place into a hole that you have dug. We went down about 1/2 to almost a foot deep.

Last, I just have to share our progress on our beds 1 & 2.  Now some of it we cheated for.  The swiss chard, the buttercrunch and the kohlrabi were store bought but everything else seen here is all from seed!  How cool is that!
We do have some more swiss chard actually coming up from seed, as well as the golden purslane, the Red Russian Kale, Arugula, Microgreens, Broccoli Rabe, and a few miscellaneous things that I honestly cannot recall right now.  I must admit.  I'm exhausted!  Between the work in the garden, then a hike to find Morels and collect Dandelions for Dandelion Wine, and then making dinner.  Well I don't have much left.
Still I have to keep reminding myself that once the cold winds and snow of January arrive I'll be sitting pretty with tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, all preserved from our garden.  We'll be enjoying Dandelion wine, blackberry wine and Meloncello.  Best of all it will all have come from the farm down the road, the orchard that is about 40 minutes from our house, or best yet.  Our own backyard.

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