Seed Saving & Mail Day!

A while ago I posted a blog on Seed Saving where I shared my own idea of storing seeds.  Well imagine how surprised I was when I found that Walmart sells the exact type of container that I wanted to use.
So, since they were so cheap(aka affordable) I picked up two of them up.
I labeled each container by number so that I can always switch things around later when I run out of one type of seed and replace it with another.  Next I just made up a list or legend that tells me what number container has what type of seed.  Too easy!

I did find that the bigger seeds don't fit into the larger containers (the larger ones have small screw top lids that fit about 5 of the larger type of seed.  No good) so I found a type of container that has larger storage areas.  Then I just numbered that and again, made up a legend.  Done!
Takes up so much less room than before.  I've also swiped some of those little moisture control packets that you often find in shoe packages or sometimes in medicine and threw those into the containers to help keep moisture out.

We had a surprise this morning for us from the mail man!  We received our planting potatoes from Peaceful Valley!  I got a very small bag as we're only going very small with this.  I didn't want to spend tons of money that is essentially an experiment.  This small amount cost $3.49 for the potatoes (and believe it or not $11 for the S&H.  Crazy.) This order included a Red, Yellow and Blue mix.
Soon here we'll be building the start of our potato condo which will come up in a later blog.  I have noticed a few of these potatoes already have eyes, thankfully, however I have starting chitting or greening them.  This is the way you actually get the potatoes ready to be planted, which by the way, was completely new to me!  Little did I know you had to do something to a potato to actually get it to grow!  Thanks to my 5 year old son for making me learn this one!  If I haven't said it before, my 5 year old was the one who picked out the idea of "purple potatoes"  Now none of these are true purple peruvians but I figured the dark blue one is so dark blue that it almost looks purple.  Good enough.

Last note, I moved some of the plants around and repotted a few today.  I really hope this helps things out a bit.  This house is really horrible when it comes to good spots for growing things!

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