Sad News

Well I really feel horrible to say this but my tomatoes and some of my pepper seedlings have died.  I think in the end it was the cooler temperatures that I subjected them to one day and then over watering.  Plain and simple.  The plants that have started coming back I haven't watered at all for about 2 weeks, if you can believe that!
I still have some of my bell peppers, my chili peppers, two different eggplants, and one single lonely Mortgage lifter tomato plant.  Luckily enough the things like the winter squash, the summer squash, and some of the pea/bean plants are still alive.
Unfortunately my artichokes bit the dust when I transplanted them outdoors.  So a lot of not so good news. 
I think it boils down to me making the newbie mistake of watering like mad and thinking I needed to keep them really moist to make them grow. 
Next big hurdle seems to be how to get the small seedlings to start actually growing bigger!  They're so darn small.  The only thing that is growing visibly is the Marina di Chioggia plant! 
So now I'm in the process of ordering some replacement tomato plants.  Not fun, especially considering we were trying to go exclusively by seed this year. 
Oh well, you win some, you lose some.  I'll remember this lesson next year. 
Next weekend, depending on weather we plan to move some of the plants outdoors.  Our potatoes most certainly need to go out soon! 

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