I think I've gotten spoiled.

I never thought this would possibly happen but I guess it has.  Recently due to a potluck at work I needed some tomatoes but I had none ready to pick in the backyard (wouldn't you know, the tomatoes were ready about 3 days later.  Goes to show you can't rush a good thing)
So I bought some at the grocery store to help top a seven layer dip I made.  I ended up using only a portion of the store bought tomato because the thing tasted like water with a slight tomato taste. EWWWW!  The worms got the rest.  I'm sure they were probably put off by the lack of taste as well.

I've gotten used to sweet, tangy, tart tomatoes.  Tomatoes that just TASTE like summer.  I couldn't stand the fact that I even used some of the grocery store tomatoes on my dip.
Same goes for Cucumbers.  My cucumber vine is just about dead.  It has barely produced at all recently (not its fault, the whole placement thing which is our fault. The tomatoes are hogging all the sun).  So I had to also purchase some plain cucumbers at the grocery store.  These were bitter, bitter, bitter.  I apologized to my coworkers for the bitterness of the cucumbers however everyone responded that they weren't which made me realize, once again.  I've gotten used to produce that is super fresh, super tasty and NOTHING like grocery store produce. 

Now another thing I discovered.  I HATE grocery store eggs.  You know, the $1 per dozen eggs that are the miscellaneous brand.  The yolks are a faded yellow.  The whites runny and slimy. 
I poached some this weekend and they fell apart almost immediately in the hot water turning it into a white cloudy mess. 
The eggs I use NORMALLY I get straight from the farm.  These are about 2 to 3 days old before I purchase them.  Their yolks are bright gold colored.  The whites are firm around the yolk.  They taste BUTTERY.  Unfortunately for me, I do not own chickens.  I cannot due to living in Military housing so I have to pay about $3 for a dozen but to me this is something I'm willing to spend on.  My mother and I have gotten into arguments about this.  She's a thrifty, frugal shopper who only wants to spend on the best deal.  Nothing against those that are like this but if I'm going to spend on food then I'm going to spend on GOOD food.  Not on food that has no flavor.  Why should I? 
It's just a matter of priorities. 
So lesson learned.  Do not purchase cheap store bought eggs that barely taste like eggs.  Do not purchase grocery store cucumbers, tomatoes or other produce unless I have no other choice.  Hurry up and get a new yogurt culture to start our yogurt at home. 
And come this winter, get moving on practicing making cheese.  I know I can tackle that one! I've successfully made ricotta.  In fact I've made lasagna with it.  Imagine a lasagna with homemade canned tomato sauce, homemade ricotta with locally grown grass feed ground beef, and some fresh mozzarella.  (only thing I didn't make last time was the noodles.  I have to draw the line somewhere).  One word describes that dish we made last year.  Heaven. 

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