Okay, THAT was a big disapointment

Well we finally did it.  We opened the potato bin so see if we had anything there.
  And this was the result.
What an utter disappointment. No blues, no reds, no any special potatoes. Hardly anything at all.  Depressing.  
Still though, I told Edward that "hey this was our second time growing potatoes, our first time growing them THIS way so we should be happy with WHATEVER we get!  
I still can't help but be depressed by this photo.  By God I WILL get better at growing potatoes!
It looks like these possibly grew from either some baking potatoes that we haphazardly threw in there or some fingerling potatoes.  Not sure which.  

Now while the potato harvest was meager this was the other stuff we collected tonight. Kohlrabi, Eggplant(black beauty), 1 brandy wine tomato, several Amish paste, several black cherry tomatoes, 3 lemon cucumbers, several okra and that's all folks.  Not bad at all. 

And that all being said, I'm going to bed.  I now have a Kindergartner in the house and I'm exhausted!

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