No honeybees for me

Well the housing office FINALLY responded back. I am not allowed to have honeybees because they are not "domesticated"
I must admit I'm a bit sad. I was kind of looking forward to trying my hand at beekeeping. Ever since I read the book Farm City by Novella Carpenter I really wanted to try this.

So obviously there will be no honeybees in my immediate future. Just wasps.

By the way, if you haven't read Farm City and you're interested in being self sustainable, enjoy food and you enjoy growing your own food then you'll enjoy this!

Oddly enough I first heard of Novella Carpenter on Youtube on the CHOW Obsessives channel. It's really inspiring what she has managed to accomplish! She also keeps a blog at
Check it out!

I'm so tempted to try something else. Maybe rabbits? Or Tilapia? I've heard of other people raising Tilapia but I've never really looked into it. I can't imagine the military housing office throwing a fit over fish. Unless they really smelled.
Amusingly enough my son and I were talking about the bees that we will not have last night. When I told him why we cannot he told me I should just not tell housing. I wish it was that simple.

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