Free Seed Giveaway

Okay so these were the few extras I had:
Tomato, Black Cherry
Tomato, Amish Paste
Tomato, Black Krim
Tomato, Mortgage Lifter
Melon, Twice as Nice Hybrid
Turnip, Tokyo Hybrid
Italian Rose Bean

Next, here's some extras that I have that I can share.
Super Sugar Snap
Super Snappy
Oregon Sugar Pod
Squash Sweet Gourmet Hybrid
Squash Butterstick
Squash Sweet Zuke Hybrid
Squash Pic-N-Pic Hybrid
Pepper, Carnival Mix
Turnip Cross Hybrid
Bush Bean Lake

Gardens Alive
Organic National Pickling Cucumbers
Lemon Cucumbers

The only thing I ask in return for sending any of these is a self addressed envelope with a stamp. I am only a government travel agent and a military spouse to boot so it's not like I have loads of money.
Still though, I want to share with others out here. I honestly feel if we all share with each other, help each other out we can all prosper.

With that said, I really have to share this video that I just found so awesome. I could only HOPE to be like this family and be so self sufficient!

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