Status thus far

Well we've got the raised beds allllllmoost done.  We have the okra bed and the melon bed out front to complete.  Come April we'll also have the potato condo to worry about.  Still though, progress is being made.  Edward finished the next raised bed which will be our home for 3 different varieties of tomatoes, 3 different varieties of cucumbers, 1 variety of eggplant, and possibly basil.  All depends on space.  The plan is to go on somewhat of a Three Sisters Planting Idea
. (however we will not have corn OR squash in our back yard.  Not enough sun, really unbearable soil for any SORT of squash!)
We're planning in BED 4 Tomatoes, Cucumbers, 2 Eggplants, Basil and loads of Marigolds to fend off bugs.  FYI, to those who did NOT know, Marigold & a lot of bugs don't mix.  They don't like the smell.  Or maybe it's just the taste.  Or both.
BED 3 is going towards Bell Peppers, Tomatillos, 2 Brazalian Oval Orange Eggplants, Mild & Hot Jalepno, Cubanelle and maybe one tomato plant.  These two are our FULL SUN HOT area.
Next, BED  2 is our cool weather Spring or Fall Crops.  Swiss Chard, Peas (4 different varieties), Italian Rose Beans, Golden Purslane and Red Russian Kale, thanks to a friend in Pennsylvania!  We will also be planting a small row of Leeks here soon, if only I can figure out where to plant it!
Last is our BED 1.  This one already has seeds or sprouts in it but we've yet to see much happening.  I think that all is because the seeds have simply not warmed up enough.  In the end we did go with a cold frame half hoop sort of idea however the first week we just went with what we had which left the seed getting pretty cold at night!  Lows in the 30s', highs in the 50's.
I'll have pictures later this week on what has actually been accomplished in our back yard.
Seeds in BED 1 are Carrots, traditional American (son's selection); Spring Onions (YUM), Broccoli Rabe (aka Rapini); Mesclun, Mixed Salad Greens, Spinach, Romaine, Turnips & Cabbage.  My personal feeling on the turnips and cabbage that it was a bit much.  I don't think they'll grow all that well with the limited space provided to them but of course, I could be wrong.  I often am.

The little seedlings themselves are doing quite well inside now.  The cukes and peas and beans being the most impressive growers.
The tomatoes are catching up and bell peppers & hot peppers are in the rear, as usual.  We have some that came from seeds from LAST year that have barely germinated at all, no surprise there.  Just disappointment.
Some have been slow growers from the start.  The Burpee Twice as Nice Melon has repeatedly disapointed us as it germinates and then fizzles out in mold.  I have read other reviews of this melon.  I do not think we'll be planting THIS variety again!  This week I planted the Marina di Chioggia Squash as well as the Brazalian Eggplant.  I am really looking forward to how these produce and all!

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