Status thus far 26March

When we first planted this bed I threw a bunch of leaves on top in hopes that it would help insulate.  Don't know if this was a good idea.  I guess I'll see in about a month!

Chilly day out!  32 degrees but the sun is really warm so I figured the day of sun would help some of these guys out.  We've had a few die off I think mostly due to the inferior light we get indoors.  We have almost no areas in our house were we get full sun through the windows so we rely on grow lights for almost everything.

New Stevia plants & Seedlings

Traditionally I do not try growing flowering plants however ever since I was younger and I repeatedly killed orchids that friends would give me I vowed to learn how to grow these!  This Orchid is now flowering for me for the SECOND time!!!!  The smallest one almost died however I'm slowly bringing it back.  

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