First blog 02-2011

PH Level is about 7.0/Nitrogen very low/Phosphorus Medium to High/Potash is Very Low to Low

Game plan is to add some compost (with coffee in it), some commercial fertilizer, and bonemeal to add Potassium.
Pictures following soon of the raised beds. We took some of the pallets apart. Well no, I shouldn't say WE, I should say Edward did.
As he did that I did the boring but energy saving job(I've been really sick lately) of cataloging all our seeds as of now.
Here's the list:
Bell Pepper~Carnival Mix; Sweet Pepper Mix
Bean~Italian Rose
Broccoli Raab
Cabbage Invento F1 Hybrid Cabbage
Cucumber~National Pickling Cucumber; White Wonder; Lemon Cucumber
Eggplant~Black Beauty
Onions~Evergreen Bunching
Pea~Super Sugar Snap; Super Snappy; Oregon Sugar Pod II
Pepper~Pinata Mix~Hot!
Radish~Cherry Belle
Salad~Arugula; Roquette Arugula; Slow Bolt Arugula; Wild Mesclun; Microgreens
Swiss Chard~FordHook Giant; Red & White Mix
Spinach~Bloomsdale; Long Standing; Renegade F1 Hybrid Spinach
Summer Squash~Butterstick; Pic-N-Pic; Hybrid Sweet Gourmet; Hybrid Sweet Zuke; Hybrid Zucchini
Turnips~Tokyo Cross Hybrid
Melon~Twice as Nice Melon
Tomato~Amish Paste; Black Cherry; Black Krim; Christmas Grapes; Mortgage Lifter Watermelon~Bush Sugar Baby

We have possibly a few seeds on the way and I do plan to order some golden purslane and corn salad. Plus I still need to order some nasturiums, more marigolds and possibly some pansies.

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