This is what we're working with here

Last year we had MASSIVE ISSUES with water retention so this year we plan to build raisedbeds(hence the boards at the front of the garden)
Also last Autumn we took whatever leaves we could find and put them in the garden area in hopes they would break down and create a better soil.
Now they're still in the process but we'll see what happens come summer time!
This is what we're starting with this year!

You seriously don't want to see the other parts of the yard yet, nothing but MUD!
Still Edward and I got two beds done which was cold, feet numbing, hand numbing work!
We have two more large beds, two more small beds for the Okra (and I'm thinking snapdragons!) and one out front for the Twice as Nice Melon.
At Home Depot I added to our collection of seeds today:
Nasturtium Alaska Mix and Nasturtium Empress of India, both by Burpee
Marigold, Burpees Best Mix
Lettuce, Little Caesar

I almost added Snapdragons but I wanted to make sure all versions of snapdragons are edible.
We really strive for everything we plant to be edible, including flowers, and all.
My goal here really this year? To make it where we buy MAYBE once or twice some veggies from our farmer however everything else will either be grown by us or received from our weekly CSA share at Brads Produce.
We're getting close to Military Retirement and I'm working like mad to save like a miser!

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