A minor oops on Burpees part

Bad News, Burpee screwed up and sent me the same order, twice. So I called them and found out that yes, they screwed up and since it's their error they're allowing me to keep the seeds.
I already have tons of these seeds so now I'm offering to do an exchange with anyone out there.
Here is the list of seeds I now have to send out, thanks to Burpee.
Tomato, Black Cherry
Tomato, Amish Paste
Tomato, Black Krim
Tomato, Mortgage Lifter
Melon, Twice as Nice Hybrid
Turnip, Tokyo Hybrid
Italian Rose Bean

I'm really looking for anything OTHER than tomato, bell pepper, okra or spinach. Honestly hubby and I are really looking for Cuban Oregano but if you have anything of interest then make me an offer!

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