Relocating challenges

Last year when we moved into our house we had massive issues when planting. Of course, first we really didn't have the money to invest a whole lot in a garden.
But also we knew the soil was pretty bad but we didn't really know HOW BAD it was.
I've been working with veggies, fruits and flowers for some time now but I don't think I ever recall having the challenges that we had here in Northern Maryland. Almost completely infertile soil, heavy clay consistency, it would NOT drain water. At all. A small amount of rain would turn our backyard into a pond.

Fast forward to now.
We have three raised beds now put together and then the front one put together somewhat.
The front will be home to twice as nice melon and watermelon. My only worry there is it only gets a small amount of sun. Not good for any sort of melon.
Thanks to Veterans Compost we now also have two beds almost completely filled with soil and compost. One of those this upcoming weekend will be filled with spinach, cabbage, arugula, swiss chard, baby romaine and possibly broccoli rabe. (one of our favorites that is super expensive at the grocery store)

And thanks to my Dad. He had a really good idea for the tents that we need to put on the beds where we're starting seeds currently.
At first we were thinking of using hoop like metal rods that would stretch across the bed.
The only negative with this approach is we need the frame itself. We have the cloth, just not the frame.
My husband, Edward suggested that maybe we get some metal hangers and bend them to the shape we need but I don't know how sturdy that would be.
So, after speaking to my Dad on the phone this weekend he said that maybe we should put some stakes up on each end and each side and make more of a rectangular like tent.
I'm going to try to work on this idea tomorrow night and see how it turns out. The sawing will have to be done in the carport. Pictures will follow. The neat thing with this idea is I have loads of broken wood pieces that are just about the right size for all of this.

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