Our babies are in bed!

LOL Just kidding!
We started our seeds today! Only on the plants that will have to grow taller like the tomatoes, bell peppers, chili peppers, cucumbers, okra, sugar snap peas(3 different varieties), Italian Rose beans, annnnddd I cannot recall what else.
I'll see as they come up! By the way this is our improvised growing system/nursery thanks to CWTSatoTravel. This used to be a printer stand for old Sabre printers however our office was getting rid of it and I accepted it!

So that being said I think we can share some Italian Rose soup beans, Sugar snap beans, Burgundy Okra, and sweet peppers. I think the sweet peppers are not of the bell pepper variety but I'm not exactly certain. As I said earlier, we'll see as they start to come up and produce.

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