30 Day Challenge ~ 3 Days in

This weekend was a bit hard to gauge how we're feeling.  We went camping this weekend and while we had a strict "No buying bread, pasta, milk, cheese, etc" rule we did splurge and buy a bag or two of M&M's or Amish Coconut Stacks.
I told Edward these expenditures could be considered slightly different since we were "officially" on vacation.  Normally I would classify all of this expenses under vacation/camping.  Not under groceries so....   Regardless, today we're home, and now we're fully into the idea of this.
It must have hit Edward today because he remarked that $30 every two weeks is going to go fast when I reminded him we need dish washing soap for the dishwasher.
Oddly enough, last week when I wrote about some of the things we that would be on our list laundry detergent was one of them.
Next thing you know, last week, I suddenly find on several blogs other writers talking about homemade laundry detergent and how easy and inexpensive it is.  If you are interested the recipe we created after reading many different versions is here.
So, yet again, I've found a way to trim how much we'll be spending at the grocery store.
Oh and in my search for homemade laundry detergent I also discovered recipes out there for dish washing detergent and the best part of all of this?
It uses almost all of the same ingredients!  Recipe is here.
How cool is that?
So today we end day 3 having spent $12.55 on Kosher salt, 2 containers of chicken broth and shredded parmesan cheese that was needed for the pesto I plan on making and freezing.
I could have kicked myself for not recently buying a whole chicken and making broth out of it.  I hate spending on chicken broth when I can do it myself.
Oh, and by the way a recap on our "rules"

  1. It has to come from our yard
  2. If not from our yard, then the dairy, butcher shop, farm, orchard or the Bel Air Farmers Market.  There is also a new Amish Farmers Market  in Aberdeen, MD we can visit on Friday afternoons.  
  3. We are allowed to spend however much we want at those locations.  
  4. We are allowed only $30 every other week at the local grocery store.
  5. This challenge starts September 1st.

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