30 Day Challenge~5 Days In

Five days into our challenge now and my son is already crying because there are no snacks in the house.  It didn't help that we had a three day weekend which we spent camping and we brought most of our fresh apples and peaches.  We do have two peaches left, one of which is getting kind of mushy.  That one will be turned into dried peach slices tonight in our dehydrator. 
We have an Excalibur Dehydrator and this time of year it goes almost non stop.  We dry everything from corn to carrots, onions to lima beans.  Anything we can not eat up in a few days gets dried, canned or frozen.
This means every Thursday we go through what we're getting from our share at Brads Produce and seperate it into piles.  There is the pile that goes into the fridge for consumption within the next few days and then there is the pile that needs to be preserved.  Usually a good share of our corn goes into the preserve pile, along with tomatoes, lima beans, and edamame.  The fruit we keep out so we can all snack on it.
This week I hope to run by Lohrs Orchard and pick up some extra peaches to dry.  Dried peaches are a super yummy snack that tends to satisfy all of our needs for something sweet.
Soon we'll be fully into Apple season, my sons favorite. 
Apples are the one fruit we get mass quantities of since they are so versatile.  We make apple sauce, apple butter, dried apples, fruit leather (aka fruit roll ups!), apple pie filling, and of course we eat loads and loads of them during that time.  This year I have plans to also make an apple chutney which is used in BBQ and braising. 
That is the whole idea when you are buying in season.  You are buying when its cheap and super fresh, buying a lot of it, and preserve whatever you can or whatever you have the room for.  Come winter you are eating good food, grown locally, picked when it was at its peak of freshness, and preserved within just a few days.  And you are also saving a bit of money as well since now you're not shopping for those foods come winter when the price goes up.

Tonight I also have Kale chips to make.  I really love kale chips. They tend to satisfy that need for salty and crunchy.  Think potato chips but healthier.  Still though, I can imagine my son is still going to be complaining until tomorrow.  He does not like kale chips and my husband is not really fond of them either.  This time I'm going to try two batches.  One with just sea salt and the other cheesey kale chips using Nutritional Yeast.  I can imagine the next week or so becoming tougher.  We're running out of our fast, prepackaged foods like granola bars, cookies, biscotti and chocolate.  I guess it means this weekend I need to do some baking to satisfy that craving we'll all be getting as we get further weaned off the grocery store food.
Who knew we were so addicted to that stuff!

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