30 Day Challenge ~ 20 Days In ~ Addiction to Consumerism Exposed!

Twenty Days Now. 
And believe it or not we don't feel all that deprived. 
We have spent $40.76 at the local grocery stores on groceries.  This includes things like parmesan cheese, some Kale that we forgot to pick up at the farmers market, peppermint patties and raisins.  Remember by the way, we're allowing ourselves a total of $60 per month at the local grocery store.
We have spent a total of $366.93 at local farms and the Bel Air Farmers Market.  Last week helped that number inflate quite a bit as we spent almost $60 on fresh picked apples at Lohrs Orchard.
So all told we have spent $407.69 this month on groceries. Now just remember however, some of these purchases have been towards items (like the apples) that will produce snacks, meals and desserts for the next year.  This time of the year we're squirreling away anything that can be preserved.  Whether it is dried into chips, canned in chutneys, salsas and sauces or frozen, we put a good portion of it away for the months when there are no fresh (locally grown) apples, peaches, and tomatoes.
Now, here's the interesting part.
Like I said, this time of year we are usually squirreling away whatever is in season as we know it is about to end.
However normally we would also spend (like I've said before) about $150 per week on groceries while we're doing this.  Most websites out there claim that the average family of three spends about $115 to $175 per week so we look like we're about average.  We typically do our weekly grocery trip on Saturdays. 
So if I were to do the math it would look like this.






So, so far we are actually BELOW what we would normally spend and then if you count in our normal purchases this time of year (like the apples) that would inflate that $450.00 even more. 

Twenty days in and my biggest realization?  We're addicted to grocery shopping.  There are actually a lot of articles all over the web all about the addiction of consumerism so it is most definitely not uncommon.   
I want you to close your eyes and think of walking through your local favorite grocery store, whichever one you prefer.  Imagine pushing your empty cart into the store, into the large aisles of all that food.  Look at the choices! Look at all the food! How do you feel?  If you are like me you find all these great things that would be useful at home.  And sometimes they are not useful or great but they just seemed like a good idea at the time.
How much of what you put into your shopping cart do you or your family REALLY need?  Do you really need those cookies? Those crackers? Those frozen TV dinners? That frozen pizza?
They are nice, yes. I do agree but if it came down to it and those were gone, would you die without those?  Would your family suffer nutritionally if you did NOT purchase those?
No, you and your family probably wouldn't. 
Life has become simpler for us during this challenge.  If we want cookies, well then we have to make them.
If we want fresh artisan bread? Well then I have to get some dough started for later. If we want a dessert? Well then I have to get out the canned apples, strawberries and rhubarb or cherries out and make a pie.
It really is amazing how simple it gets.  And here's the kicker.  We have to want the cookies, pudding or other treat bad enough because then it means we have to make said dessert/treat. This has led to weight loss in both Edward and me as we save the treats like homemade pudding and cookies for our son for school lunches.  It means we have less calorie packed, nutritionally inferior snacks to snack on. 

Stay tuned, because unbelievably, we might be continuing this all the way into late October.  This 30 day challenge might turn into 60 days.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

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