I'll take this as a sign that it's the end.

The end of the okra that is.

We have been deciding what to do with our okra plants that, this year, didn't really produce much.  This is mostly our fault for two different reasons.

  1. We planted them too late.
  2. We planted them too few.

Number 1 was a new lesson.  We didn't have this issue last year as we didn't plant garlic two years ago.
This year the garlic did not come out of the beds until late June to early July and we didn't start our okra plants in pots ahead of time, we direct sowed them, so they had a late start. Lesson learned.  Three months is not enough time to get the okra up and producing fully.
Next.  Number 2.  THIS one we knew about and we made the mistake of doing it, yet again.
This is one of those moments when I smack myself in the forehead and exclaim "DUHH!"
Next year, we will be planting one heck of a lot more of the okra so we can have it fresh, rather than dehydrated or frozen. 

So, now here is the issue.  Our garlic tends to go into the same bed as where the okra is currently.  We were not certain if we should pull up the okra and plant the garlic in there this weekend OR if we should just go ahead, plant the garlic among the current okra plants and see what happens.
I think the wild weather here on the East coast on Tuesday decided it for us.
The okra is being pulled up, out of the beds this weekend and the garlic will be inhabiting those raised beds now.

Last year Hurricane Irene did almost the same exact thing to our okra plants, only about a month earlier.  This time, obviously Mother Nature figured we needed a bit more prodding as we were stalling on the decision.

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