Delectable Winter Squash Seed Giveaway!

My new favorite winter squash is the Black Futsu squash!  Really!  I think this almost qualifies as a new love of mine!
Let me just say this is the most delectable, the most tasty winter squash that so far I have yet to enjoy!
We purchased our seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds because it just looked interesting.  Here is their description.
Rare, black Japanese squash, the fruit is flattened, round and has heavy ribbing. Very unique and beautiful. The black fruit will turn a rich chestnut color in storage. Flesh is golden color and has the rich taste of hazelnuts. Fruits are 3-8 lbs. each and vines give huge yields; did excellent here. Popular with European market growers. Good insect resistance makes this a winner here! 
The flesh does indeed turn a wonderful, rich orange color and the flavor (at least to me) was more like chestnuts! Not really hazelnuts.  Also the flesh is not stringy like so many other winter squashes.  It is almost starchy like a sweet potato!  I can only imagine how this squash would taste, mashed with some butter and cream or half and half.
Sadly enough, we lost our original vine to Mosaic virus that was passed by Cucumber Beetles however I think we had a plant hiding among our other winter squash plants because we've found a new baby squash that I'm hoping and praying will actually fully grow and provide us with one more large squash for dinner one night coming up.
We recently had one of the squashes cut in half and then stuffed with wild rice along with some sauteed lentils, onion, garlic, and apples. It turned out to be a really filling dish that was almost more suited to something served at Thanksgiving.  I only wish I took a picture of the finished dish!

Now, you want to hear something really great??

These squash are extremely prolific seed producers so I will give out 5 seeds to the first 10 people who email me!  Upon contacting me, I will just need you to send to me a self addressed envelope with postage. One stamp should suffice, so your cost for possibly five Black Futsu squash plants is .90

Just please make sure to put "Black Futsu Seed Offer" in your subject line.  

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